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Environmental stewardship applied with industrial experience, sound science, and the qualifications necessary for innovative solutions.

Westpark Environmental

“Westpark has in-house Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) able to address a wide range of professional services”.

Services Include: 

Specializing in wildlife inventories (mark and recapture, snow tracking, pellet surveys, and eDNA sampling), salvage operations, habitat assessments, bird nest surveys, and developing wildlife management plans.

An improved understanding of increasingly complex environmental regulations is necessary to prepare efficient work schedules, feasible work plans, and ultimately bids with reduced risk. Have Westpark Environmental review your RFP package and provide a project-specific summary of the environmental regulations, restrictions, and constraints that are likely to impact your project; Westpark Environmental staff have extensive experience authoring environmental protection plans, provincial and federal government manuals and reports, and numerous peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. Have us prepare whatever documents you may need.

Clear and effective communication with government agencies, independent environmental monitors, owners, and contractors is an essential component of any successful project and requires a thorough understanding of the issues at hand. If you do not have in-house staff with the necessary qualifications, Westpark Environmental can communicate and advocate on your behalf.

Westpark Environmental owns and maintains complete equipment sets for both GNSS and conventional surveys and can provide location mapping of any areas of concern; Our in-house staff have the experience and mapping software for all environmental GIS needs; We can also arrange and facilitate both LiDAR and UAV surveys and source existing mapping data.

Have Westpark Environmental review or write technical documents for submission to obtain permits, authorizations, and licenses for development and construction projects; We can also manage and provide guidance on permit commitments, regulations, and deliverables during construction.

Westpark Environmental can execute or assist with all aspects of environmental research, including literature review, experimental design, sampling, data management, statistical analyses and interpretation, and technical writing.

Environmental Projects

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